Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer is over.....

Well it is over for me at least.  I start school today.  I have a nursing theory course on Mon and Thursday, Math on Tues and I start clinicals on Wed.  In two weeks I will have actual patients - real live people that I will have to interact with .... I am a bit excited and nervous all at the same time.  The kids start school on Wednesday and I am super bummed that it my clinical day because I will leave the house at 6 - long before the kids even get up.  Luckily Jason will be home to put them on the bus.  The kids are so excited for school to start and we get to go meet their teachers tonight.  They will be in the same class.  

Bella lost her third tooth last night (all on the bottom).  It was quite loose for awhile so Jason said he would get pliers and help her and she was excited.  Jack on the other hand freaked out that we were going to hurt Bella and he went and hid his head.... Great brother there ;)  (Please don't mind the mess).  Jason did not get it out and after a long night Jason's mom tied dental floss to it and she pulled it out.  The tooth fairy almost forgot to come but thankfully she remembered and Bella was super excited to wake up to her $1.
This was the last week that I watched Isabella.  I have watched her for almost 4 years so it was sad to realize it was her last day.  We had a really fun week though and I know we will see her again.  She is going to a different kindergarten than Jack and Bella.
 Bella and Isabella with their matching Friends Forever Tees

A couple of quick pictures of camping:  It was the cardboard boat race and Jason went out with Bella in their boat
 I just liked this picture.  It is the back of the kids.  Friends of mine with twins who are just a couple months older than Jack and Bella came to visit and our nephew Connor was up as well.
 Jack's job was to make OJ each morning :)

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