Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This is what happens when I pee....

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I took about 2 minutes.... silly me.
Then Jack was done and I cleaned him up and Bella thought she needed more
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She was so proud of herself....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I never even finished Christmas....

I know, I know, I never even finished putting up the Christmas pictures, I promise that by Summer they will be up (probably....)
As usual things are busy around here, the kids are keeping me on my toes.  They keep testing and testing and testing..... Yesterday we were at Speech Therapy and while I was talking to their therapist Bella tried to pull the fire alarm 3 times ( in a 5 minute span).   Jack is also an expert on telling me what I *should* be doing.  It was a 15 minute process just putting on his pants this morning... he wanted help, then yelled at me for helping him, then cried and cried and cried when I let him do it.   After the crying was done he put his pants on and came out with wet cheeks from crying and told me how handsome he was.... at least he rebounds quickly (On the other hand, I am considering spiking my coffee ~ not really but it would be nice). 
But then Jack comes up to me and puts a necklace on me and tells me I am as pretty as a princess and all is forgiven, all Bella has to do is say "Momma, your back!!" and run at me with such excitement when I enter the room and I melt.  I guess that is what being 3 is all about... 
Okay a couple of pictures before they tear the house apart:

This morning, Bella putting on her chap stick... I wish you could see just how all over her face it is, but she just loves this stuff
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Jack is "so sad" because he does not have Woody scissors.  We have never had woody scissors nor do I ever remember seeing them in the store but he is heart broken over it
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Here are my fashion icons:
Bella was upset because I put her in pants so she ran out to the living room to pick the right accessories
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Jack... as handsome as ever
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this is my person favorite
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