Saturday, November 8, 2014


We are all doing well here.  Just busy.  I never thought Nursing school would be this much work - I mean I knew it was not going to be easy but I just never thought that there would be this much work.  On Tuesday evening we get our patient for the next day and we have to know everything about them - the reason why they are there, their past medical history, why everything is the way it is.... so all in all about 6 hours of paperwork on Tuesday after class, then clinical at the hospital on Wed at 7 am .... ugh, that is early.   I do enjoy working with the patients but then it is home to finish up the paperwork.  I have Fridays off so I try to catch up on homework / reading/ and maybe clean the house... maybe.  It seems to all be coming together though.  I started off the semester with just giving baths and taking vitals and now I can give shots and medications ... woo!  
The kids are doing well in school - I volunteer in their classroom every other Friday and it is great to see them in their element.  The kids love going, they love their teacher, pretty much love everything about it.  I really just love this age.... don't get me wrong - they are not perfect but I do appreciate the innocence and simplicity of being 6.  Like this is one of their favorite parts of the morning
They are creating an echo as we wait for the bus to come to the end of our driveway. 
They had Super Hero Day at school - Bella struck this pose on her own (it is hard to see but they are both wearing their capes - I made those capes when they were 2 or 3 so I can say we got our use out of them!)

I took some pictures of them last weekend - it is amazing how grown they look
 Random dance / silly break

 I think I love this one the most because this sums them up perfectly - Jack strives to be normal while Bella just dances to the music in her head....

I am going to get ready for bed but hopefully I will try and update a bit more frequently.


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