Saturday, August 30, 2014

Birthday time!

I did try to post twice this week but my computer kept freezing so lets hope that third time is a charm? 
The kids had another excellent week of school.  Jack got to walk like a monster in gym and Bella liked her teacher - so all remains right in their world.
They have started to get birthday cards in the mail and that is even better than normal "Grandmom Mail".  They do not get too much mail but 99% of it comes from Grandmom so they know her writing and they appreciate all the details - from the little drawings to the stamps that are used.  Grandmom's birthday cards came first and Bella took it literally.  Grandmom wrote for to watch for the mailman to bring her something so she went to watch for him. I explained to her that it would be awhile so she laughed. 
We also got the cards from Aunt Pat and Aunt Jil and Uncle Don.  The kids are SO excited to go shopping.  I told them we were going to use one of the gift cards for anything they wanted and one for something they "needed".  Well they are beyond excited to go shopping for something they  want because in their mind it is something they NEED!!  (they will be sending thank you notes out soon! - I need to go get stamps)
Bella still continues with Occupational and Speech Therapy and is doing really well with it.  She just got switched to evenings because she had always went during the day.  She is SUPER GIRL :)  She goes to school all day and then home for dinner and then we leave for therapy and she works hard and we come home read some books and go to bed.  A busy day and she never once complained.  Jason has been doing some side work and went to go do a couple of things while Bella had therapy so Jack went with him to "help".  

Here he is showing me some of the tools from his tool box

 Notice his fancy tool box - thankfully he is getting a real one for his birthday.  Jason is working for a friend and they have drinks in their fridge so Jack got a gatorade after working so hard and that was all the payment he needs!   I can not wait to see his face when he gets his tool box - he wants so badly to help out his Daddy.
Speaking of Jason....  I really did luck out.  I no longer am watching Isabella (she went off to a different kindergarten) and I was trying to find another job.  With Jason's support I decided to not work while I am in school so I can focus on my schoolwork.  Jason has some side work he has been doing to help out*.  I never expected the course work to be THIS much.  It is really a lot of work that I have to put in each week (and rightfully so because this is an amazing school I am at.  I don't know if I mentioned it or not but this school accepts less than 30% of it's applicants - there are no slackers.  Plus no one wants a nurse who doesn't know their stuff).  It is weird to not work - to not have an income but it will be worth it.  One of my biggest fears of going to school full time was not being able to see the kids ... my amazing husband is sacrificing his time with the kids so I can have more (and more study time).  I am so blessed. 
*we are fine with just Jason's salary - we will just not be going on any fancy vacations anytime soon.  We joke that we will not know what to do with ourselves once I do actually go back to work full time - we can live on just Jason's so to add another full time we will not know what to do with ourselves.

I better run - the kids are already asking me when we can go shopping :) 
I love days like these!

P.S.  Grandmom - I did get your message about the Penn State Game today in Ireland. Jason is working today but he will be able to listen to it on the radio.  Jason is also surprising Jack with tickets to next week's game - it will be here in PA so no fancy trips to Ireland :)

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