Friday, October 30, 2009

Which came first.... the chicken or the egg?

Happy Halloween!!
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At first Bella was not too impressed with the costumes
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She ended up doing pretty well
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But then Jack decided he was done...
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Jack really did like rubbing his belly though
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We had a good time... they had their outfits on three times... once for a photo shoot, the next when Granny came over, and the last time when we went out trick-or-treating with Nona to Grandma Druck's house.... they were stuffed in their car seats
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Doesn't Bella looked so thrilled with me?????
We will see how the weather holds up tomorrow... we may end up actually go out for the actual trick-or-treat if we can wrangle them into their costumes again!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason!

Bella got a chance to wear her party dress for Jason's 30th Birthday Party on Saturday night.

Connor looking very serious trying to beat Pappy in a game of Air Hockey
Vicky helping Jason's God-son, Cole, play foosball

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Jersey!!!

Jack, Bella, My Mom and I went out to NJ yesterday to visit the most awesome lady ever, my Grandmother! We had a beautiful day for a drive and only hit some traffic on the way back but the babies were wonderful and did great on the drive. It was long overdue seeing as I have not seen my grandmother since August.

These are pictures of my Grandmother and her twin.... You can see where they get the curls from in the top picture.

Not only is my Grandmom awesome, she is talented too! She made Jack and Bella sweaters!!
Grandmom loved the curls....
After a year or so Jack is finally getting some curls too!!

Bella opening their birthday presents from Aunt Pat and Aunt Jil. They love books!!!
Grandmom and Bella playing Peek-a-boo!!

Outside Grandmom's stray cat
After they came in from outside we had a little nakey time because their knees got a little muddy
So my Grandmother can also play the organ and was "teaching Jack and Bella to play as well!" Told you she is talented!
Bella really really got into it. There is so much in Bella that reminds me of Grandmom and this just solidified it. I have a little Grandmom on my hands!

It was hard leaving but so worth it to see my Grandmother! She really is the most wonderful, talented, loving person I know!
So that is all for now!

Monday, October 12, 2009

So this has been my week.... ugh...

Once the babies started to crawl we babyproofed the whole house... ha ha....there was no way that they were going to be getting into everything and we can rest assure that they will be fine. Again the twins taught me that I can never plan for anything! Now Bella can crawl up on top of our fireplace and likes to play with the mesh thing....

We looked into buying a fire place gate thing and it was $220... of course, because everyone who has toddlers has $220 to spare! But Jason being the crafty man that he is made us a custom made one for $25!! It looks nice too!

We had put child locks on everything but Bella figured if you shake the door to the lazy susan you can get the door open. This is what I found one day after I took a whole 15 seconds to pee.... I know, I know, I am a Mom now, I don't get to pee!

So we hit Babies R Us this weekend and I think Jason has the door fixed that there is no way that she can get into it but we will see! The only issue that we are still having is the dog food and water. They like to take the food and put it in the water or just plain ole eat his food... so for now I just put it up on the counter and take it down when they are napping... poor Molson.
While we were at Babies R Us I think we spent the best $14.37 EVER... we bought a tunnel and they seem to love it and so far has provided them with a bunch of entertainment which = a much happier Mommy!!

Bella and her Baby...... Bella has a doll that she loves... she carries it with her everywhere. When she was crawling she would carry it in her mouth so that she could bring it with her. She hugs the baby, kisses the baby, she won't kiss Jason but she will kiss the baby! I am on a search to find a back up one because poor Baby gets so dirty that I wash it a couple times a week and it would be nice to have a back up... so far it is a bust, even Wal-mart doesn't have it... I thought Wal-mart had everything... but here is Bella & baby:

Now here are some of the cutest pictures EVER!!! We went to the pumpkin patch today with Jason's sister, Jen and our nephew Connor so it was much easier to get these pics!

I will try to post more often and I really really hope that the new baby proofing that we did helps because I really think I was about to go crazy!

Monday, October 5, 2009

We all scream for ice cream!!

We have taken the babies to a local ice cream place around here and both Jack and Bella not only loved eating ice cream but they loved the cones too. When Jason and I went grocery shopping we bought some cones and made Jack and Bella two of the happiest babies EVER!

Jack deciding the it is okay to eat an ice cream cone from the bottom up. At this point I don't think he could make it much messier

The funny thing with Jack was that he loved it and he cried and cried when it was done. I really think he wanted more. Granted we only gave him a spoonful of ice cream but the way the boy reacted you would have thought that we were pinching him or something.

Hat Modeling.....
Jack modeling his Christmas hat. He is really the cutest little boy ever!!

We also got Jack a hat for winter but we are going to have to take it back because it is too small.... so of course Bella had to get into some pictures. The funny thing with the hats is that hat is a size 2T-3T and it was too small on Jack. The boy is wearing 12 month pants and they are falling off of him but his head is just a tad large.... must be all the brains!
The hat kind of reminds me of something that Grandpop Newman would have worn


The babies had their first campfire on Saturday night! They seemed to enjoy themselves. It was hard to get good pics of them because it was so dark out. They went to bed around 8 and just missed the smores!!! That is okay because we all enjoyed them!

The Play Yard (AKA "Baby Jail")
The babies were getting to a point where I could not do anything without them either hanging on me or do something that they were not suppose to do. My mother went and bought me the "Super Play Yard" so that I could maintain my sanity. They do like being in there because they are not in there that much and there are fun toys in there. But as soon as they see me all hell breaks loose and they want OUT hence the mad faces.

Dear Santa Claus,

You were very good to us last year and brought us wonderful fun and educational toys. This year however we have another wish. We would like shoe boxes and empty water bottles.
Bella and Jack

Seriously this is something that they would write now. They have all these lovely toys TONS of lovely toys and what do they fight over??? They empty water bottles. What do they push each other over for, the right to sit in the shoe box.

Bella is even giving her water bottle a ride in the school bus
Take that!! This is MY water bottle!!!


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