Monday, February 25, 2013

Some Random pics...

The kids are watching a little TV before we go to Speech and Occupational Therapies so I figured I would just post a couple more pictures.... two posts in two days!  Can you handle the excitement??
The kids were earning stickers for various things around the house and they reached their goals they wanted to go to a hockey game so we went to an AHL (the step below the NHL) game and saw the Hershey Bears play.
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While going to get a snack we ran into a Hershey Kiss... I don't think the kids knew what to make of it
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They did really well.  I was kinda surprised.  They got a bit annoyed in the third period when the Bears scored 3 goals in a short amount of time because it got REALLY loud.  Overall it was a really fun day.
Grandmom sent stickers up in the last card and Bella wanted to make a hat and decorate them.  
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We spent the night painting new light switch covers for their room the other night and the kids got really into it.  I was surprised at how well Bella did with it (please don't mind her hair - she played hard that day and she looked like a ragamuffin).  
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Bella's is a princess castle
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and Jack's is a guitar.... he does not have the patience Bella does and he just kind of throws the paint on.  He has fun so as long as he is enjoying himself
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Gotta run!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The wonders of twins....

On Tuesdays Bella has physical therapy (basically to help her with running - she has difficulty running and keeping up with other children).  Jack usually comes with us but it is a pain trying to keep him entertained while we sit and watch Bella.  Anyway, Jason ended up coming home from work last Tuesday and Jack was going to run to Home Depot with Jason instead of going to therapy with Bella.  We were leaving at the same time and Bella started crying how she would miss "her Jack" and how he is her "best friend".  Jason had to get the car seat out of my car so Jack kept climbing in my car to give Bella hugs and kisses.
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He was reassuring her, telling her he loved her and "you can tell me all about therapy when you get home".  She continued to cry so he climbed back in the car and kissed her on her forehead.
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It really broke my heart to see how sad they were and also so proud to see how much they loved each other and how Jack really looked out for Bella.
We started to pull out of the garage and Jack and Jason were standing there waiting for us and I could see that Jack started to cry.  While he really wanted to go with Jason it really upsets him with Bella is that upset.  So I asked him if he wanted to go with me and all he could do was nod.  We put his car seat back in my car and we were on our way.  While I was backing out I saw they were reaching across and holding hands.  I stopped and had to take another picture
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We made it to therapy and they both did awesome.  So I told them that we could stop for a treat on the way home.  We pulled into Friendly's and I don't think the kids knew what to do with themselves.  There were so many toppings to choose from that they had a really, really, REALLY hard time making up their minds.  
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And of course, Bella had no problem sharing hers with Jack
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