Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5 months until my Birthday...

Random thought popped into my head the other day.  I have often had off of school for my birthday (Martin Luther King Day) and the kids will often have off on their birthday (Labor Day).  Something little and cool we share.  The kids turn 6 in just under 2 weeks.  Their birthday was the cut off date for starting school so they will be some of the older kids in their grade.  We had back to school night last night and we got to meet their teacher.  She actually grew up two houses down from here and knew of the kids.  Her uncle still lives on the other side of my in-laws (where she grew up) so I guess she was Jason's neighbor at some point in time. 
I will be in clinicals tomorrow so I tried to get a picture of the kids last night and this was the best that I could get.  Can you sense their excitement?  No - me neither - they were excited, just tired. 
What else is new?
The kids have started swim lessons.  We waited until they were not so afraid of the water and they were loving the pool this year.  So lessons started and it is too darn cold to get in our pool - hopefully they will remember some of this next year
Bella was sick earlier this Summer - fever, lethargy, not eating - basically just not herself.  We never really found out what was wrong with her but they treated her for Lymes Disease because it is possible to get a false negative.  She  just finished her second round of antibiotics and was SO happy that we danced as she threw the bottle of meds in the garbage.  So far so good and she is pretty much back to herself.   Point of this is that when she was first sick she had a really high fever and just felt crappy and Jack tried cheering her up by performing magic.
He got a magic kit at his birthday party and he was originally "Jack the Magnificent" but changed his name to "Jack the Magician" because he could not say magnificent.  They are getting to the age where they have their own friends and they told their bus driver that they do not want to sit next to each other on the bus but I don't doubt for a second that they love each other and have each others back.  They really are amazing kids!
One last picture of teamwork!
They were playing a video game and they could not reach the pedal.  They took turns steering and pressing the gas (they never actually used the brake so there was a lot of crashing).  Isabella was there with them and when she was steering Bella sat behind her just to "support" her while Jack did the gas.  That really was awesome teamwork.

I am going to try to update more often.  I figure if I do a tid bit here and there it won't take long.  So check back on Thursday and I will update about their first day of school!

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