Friday, August 22, 2014


I don't think I have been this happy for a Friday in a very very long time.  I have classes Mon-Thursday and there was just SO much information to learn.  When I was in high school and at York College - I never had to study like this.  It will be worth it in the end but I feel like my brain might explode in the mean time.  We just learned the basics this week - how to take a temp, pulse, blood pressure, etc.  It is harder to take a blood pressure than I thought.  This is one of those times I miss living in NJ because if I were closer I would go visit my Grandmother and make her "patient".  I know I could take her blood pressure and pulse 100 times and she would just keep on being patient with me.  :)
While I am trying to update the blog more often I may not get to do it as often as I wish... we will see!

The kids are doing amazing in school and can not wait to go everyday.  I had an almost panic attack yesterday while I was driving to school because I did not have them with me - it was such a weird feeling to not have them by my side when I have been at home with them for so long.  I am so so fortunate. 
I took a picture of each kid yesterday and asked them a couple of questions.

My kids are so darn lucky.   While Jason was waiting for the kids to come home off the bus on Wednesday he built them a bench to sit on while they waited for the bus in the morning.

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