Sunday, May 2, 2010

So busy......

Ugh, sorry it has been so long since I last posted some pictures. It has just been crazy here. Let's see:
Bella has decided that she no longer needs an afternoon nap and sometimes decides that she does not need a morning nap either.
Jack has become an awesome climber... he loves to climb on top of our kitchen table, their play table, and has recently started to climb on the toy shelves. Bella isn't a bad climber herself, she is the one who taught Jack to climb on the tables.
Jack has the best memory of any kid I know and when he wants something he will NOT forget about it... take this morning when he was climbing on the play table.
I took him down and said "NO" ... he then did it like 3 more times. So I took him back to the play room and turned on his ball game he likes, he grabbed a ball when it popped and ran back to the living room to climb on the table. I gave him a basketball and told him to make a basket, he did, then he climbed on the table..... **sigh**
They have been running me ragged BUT they are still the cutest kids in the whole wide world. Last night we took them out for ice cream and Jason and I each got a cone. We sat at a picnic table and I shared with Jack and Jason shared with Bella. Jack ate more ice cream than I did... about half way through he just stopped and looked at me and gave me the biggest kiss ever!! The boy loves his ice cream so much that he gives unsolicited kisses for it (the thing is though that he gives kisses only a mother could love... he licks you. So I had a nice big lick of chocolate spit on my cheek... but it made my whole week)
Other than getting into everything they are doing well... getting so tall. Bella's hair is getting so long and curly now that it is warmer out. This is her this morning:
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I didn't get any of Jack this morning (because really who wants a picture of him throwing a tantrum, and yes it pretty much was that ALL morning) but I do have these on the computer. Jack makes this face from time to time and I think it is hilarious:
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A face only a mother could love?

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