Monday, March 1, 2010

Picture Explosion...

I have a bunch of pictures that I want to post with no real reason to...
Bella loves hanging upside down.... (and Jack loves getting in her face)
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They both love to "read" and will bring a book to you to read to them. It is the best when you are sitting on the floor and one of them will come up to you sit on your lap and just nestle in for you to read to them. They will at times fight over who sits there but then you just adjust them so they both fit
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**oh I and I promise I do put clothes on my kids! In the morning and in the evening I let them run around in their diapers for a bit and they love it
Yo Gabba Gabba!!
This is their favorite TV show. It is like Heaven on Earth for me... a half hour where I can get some things done. I was never going to be "that mom" who had their kids watch TV but now I just love when 1:00 comes around and Yo Gabba Gabba comes on the TV. It really is quite a crazy show. Here is a picture of all of the characters
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DJ Lance Rock is the guy in the middle in the awesome orange outfit. Well one day I saw the toy that we just had to have.... the DJ Lance Hat and Glasses that plays music! Oh the exciting times in the house. When it arrived in the mail I put it on and got the kids up from their naps. Well I may have scarred Bella for life. She is still afraid of the hat. Jack loves it and now wears the hat. When I first got it he was iffy about it but here are some pictures of my little DJ Jack
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and for your viewing pleasure you can now see how I scarred Bella
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Good times in the Druck household!

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