Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm leaving on a jet plane.....

When I got pregnant and found out I was having twins just about every emotion ran through head. Excited, scared, worried, alone, proud, you name it and I probably felt it. I then found an online message board made up of MoMs (Moms of Multiples). I honestly do not know how I would have made it through my pregnancy and the first year and a half without them, I owe them my sanity. From tips on how to deal with two colicy babies at once to encouragement through all the sleepless nights. Someone I "knew" had been through it and helped me get through it myself. The board is a close-knit group of about 100 or so women. Together we have been through it all, the good and the bad. Well anyway in about 5 hours one of these amazing women is picking me up and we are then going to the airport to leave for New Orleans!! This is our first national get together. I have met some of the other local ladies but nothing like this. I can not express how excited I am... for goodness sake I have been up since 4 am because I have been so excited, I am like a kid at Christmas time. Jason will be home with the kids (thanks hon!) and I will be home on Sunday! 4 days without having to wipe a runny nose, or change a diaper, no whining.... of course that means 4 days without kisses and hugs. I will have to wear real clothes, no sweats... I think I can handle it though. I am a Mom of Multiples, I can handle anything!
Remember Yo Gabba Gabba??
Well here are a couple more pics of the kids dressed up as DJ Lance Rock
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and of course here is my Beautiful Bella
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