Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Jack

Jack is such a stinker anymore. The boy lives off of crackers and milk. Fruits? Vegetables? Meat? Nah, why would a child want to eat that when you can have crackers? See here comes the dilemma ..... Jack has always been on the smaller size when it comes to his weight (he has always been in the 10% for weight, 20% for height and like the 97% for his head.... and I am not exaggerating with his head size) so when he refuses to eat I feel bad. He at least drinks a lot of milk so that is good. But it ends up at some point he will get crackers.
There is something more than crackers Jack will eat.... sugar. Ugh... This boy loves anything sugar. Cookies, cake, pudding, yogurt. I can't eat yogurt around him. Mom came over and brought lunch with her. She brought pudding cups.... Jack was in love (with the pudding cups... he has always loved my mom but now he is in love with pudding cups). Sugar that he can put in his mouth himself with a spoon??? Life is good.
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awww..... did I really eat it all???
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And I have to add one picture of Bella so I am not playing favorites
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Doesn't she look so big here? Does anyone know how I can keep them young but at the same time break them of the whine? If you do let me know

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