Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The MoMfia.....

So I am back from New Orleans and almost caught up on my sleep. When I was down there I got a nasty cold and it is still lingering. I had such a wonderful time while I was there. The trip started out a little shaky, Stacy picked me up and we went to the airport. Once we got to the airport she realized that she could not find her phone and it turns out that when she picked me up she dropped her phone in my driveway and ran it over.... uh-oh. Then I ended up leaving my phone at security but luckily Stacy found it so between the two of us at least we had one phone. That was the end of the bad luck though. I was bumped to first class on the plane, that was lovely :) . For the trip we all had shirts made that had something written on it about the MoMfia (that is the nickname of our group.... yes we are dorks) but here is the back of my shirt
Yes, I laugh at your one baby:
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We were on a swamp tour and here is the group of ladies who went on that tour, this was about 80% of us
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While we were on the swamp tour I was going to be brave and hold the gator. Well I held it but was so not brave. I held it and started yelling "take it, take it, take it!" referring both to my picture and the scary, scary gator with his mouth clamped shut.
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There was a 3 year old little girl on our tour who held the gator and kissed it and then there was me a 32 year old mother who was literally freaking out. Oh well!
Here is a bunch of us before we went to the St. Patty's Day Parade
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I got back on Sunday and I still miss it. On Monday morning I was so excited to see my kids and was just waiting for them to wake up. I heard Bella "talking" and I started crying because it had been so long that I had seen them. Yeah, they could have cared less... they just wanted pancakes. Stinkers!
Some quick pictures of the kids because I know that is what you all want :)
here are some of them after their bath the one day
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