Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry Christmas from Jack and Bella....

We went and got some Christmas Pictures done. They came out pretty good... well as good as you are going to get for two 1 year olds who really do not want to be there. I brought presents for them to unwrap to get them involved in something if needed and brought some cookies for thier pajamas pictures because I figured if all else failed it would be cuter to see them eating a cookie than tears streaming down their face.
Here is Bella after she opened her present ( A "Little People" tractor and girl.... my goodness how these two LOVE Little People)
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I was shocked that Jack not only left his hat on but that he could have cared less that he was wearing a tie
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Getting pictures of them are not so easy.... BUT I really kind of liked this one... This is how Jack looks a lot of the time (happy/proud and like he has something really really important to tell me) and Bella... well Bella loves boxes. She loves to put things in boxes, likes to throw boxes, likes to chew on boxes... boxes really are an all around perfect toy
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The way the pictures were going we just whipped out the cookies right away for the pajama pictures because they were DONE! But I think they also turned out cute and were my favorite pictures of the day. They had never had a whole cookie before so they were very happy to eat them!
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All in all it was a success!

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