Monday, April 7, 2014

Well it has not been a full year....

I keep meaning to update and then I get caught up in this or that.  I plan on doing a couple posts in the next couple of days to get a little caught up. 
Here are some of the highlights:

This past Spring Jason built a fire pit that we enjoyed through out the summer
Fire pit is done. I have an awesome husband :) photo 947074_10200409897703242_1348130368_n.jpg
Yay for mountain pies and hot dogs!
Breaking in the fire pit.   First mountain pie of the season :) photo 946906_10200449927903972_2106967891_n.jpg

Bella had bangs for a little while there
Good times! photo 945556_10200564028516416_309672112_n.jpg

Jack hit Molson by accident one day so he was sorry and wanted to take his time to say he was sorry.  
Jack hit Molson with his car by accident so he is sitting here singing to him. photo 1044644_10200742638421552_1311780555_n.jpg

We did a lot of camping:
 photo 1380746_10201420106877840_1121730336_n.jpg
Jack with a buddy
Fishing buddies photo 936513_10200996601810478_1661147559_n.jpg
Playing with their shadows
Playing with their shadows (ballerina and muscle man).  Beautiful weather for camping photo 1150921_10201070720183391_574874221_n.jpg
Loving life
Life is rough .... photo 1231609_10201071902332944_2030456715_n.jpg
Halloween camping
I found a fairy in the woods photo 1391720_10201425327448351_228459860_n.jpg
Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtle
Nunjatello will protect us photo 539706_10201425334848536_1595003240_n.jpg

Like Father Like Son
Like father like son photo 1459341_10201680604390115_833285738_n.jpg

We saw Santa and Mrs. Claus
Santa and Mrs Claus photo 1472871_10201826051786209_1638332298_n.jpg

Christmas Eve
Merry Christmas! photo 1538713_10201880322382940_1679720357_n.jpg
Santa Came to Granny's
Christmas threw up in here photo 226686_10201880724072982_1470462244_n.jpg
Bella got a baby
Bella and her baby - so excited to change a diaper!  Thanks Aunt Jessica! photo 1525072_10201893763038948_1315345953_n.jpg

They had a CandyLand Program at school
Candy Land program at the kids' school today :) photo 1509100_10201988284761932_193359680_n.jpg

Jack ate a cheeseburger --- why is this in the highlight's of this past year?  Jack never ever would have tried it in the past - one day he decided he liked them and then ate it.  Huh?  Wish it was always that easy
I think hell is freezing over.  Jack is eating a bacon cheeseburger. photo 1530404_10202037011180062_861662973_n.jpg

Like everyone we had too much snow
I keep telling myself, "I love my kids more than I hate the snow". photo 1609565_10202144539948214_2000076423_n.jpg

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