Monday, April 7, 2014


Bella has never really liked nicknames.  If you call her "Princess Bella" she will often correct you, "My name is Bella!".   (Well Bella is a nickname but if you call her Isabella she will not answer you.) That was all until she lost a tooth!  I never even knew it was loose.  I came upstairs from the treadmill  one morning and Bella was eating Special K.  I thought she had a piece of the cereal on her tooth but it was just gone.  She must have swallowed it at some point. 
 photo 3D5487CA-43EB-4488-92CD-50058A7D70E2.jpg
She drew the Tooth Fairy a picture of her with an arrow pointing to the tooth in her belly and we put that in her tooth pillow
 photo 8A0FC571-F31C-4ED4-B2BB-F8B0A3F6EC38.jpg
The Tooth Fairy did indeed come over night so she was very excited.  Her other bottom tooth was loose so I just kept my eye on it.  Poor Jack was convinced his tooth was loose and that it was going to come out soon.  Bella lost her tooth about a month ago and Jack's are not even wiggly.
Two weeks ago we were out to lunch and I took Bella to the bathroom and sometime at lunch she swallowed that tooth too!
 photo 5A4A0191-DFAD-4145-A656-02C91550A922.jpg
So another note to the Tooth Fairy and all was right with the world. 
Although a bit blurry this was another good picture of her toothless grin
 photo B111665F-D78A-44FB-9825-84D3D7EA4626.jpg

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