Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Jason and I went on a real vacation - without the kids!  Jason and his friend Jeremy, surprised myself and Jeremy's wife with a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas.  We were all celebrating 10 years (Jason and I have been dating 10 years and Jeremy and Jenn have been married 10 years)  
We decided to go down a little early so we could go to Disney for a day. 
It rained.... a lot, hence the slicked back look of my hair
 photo B06BE804-54DC-4A6B-A496-158FA1559C39.jpg
The elephants didn't mind the rain
 photo 178CCB7D-88F7-49FE-BAF5-C2695C7F6B95.jpg
We still managed to make it to all of the parks and walked about 14 miles that day
 photo AE9D84E1-58CD-47D8-8A10-888BBD44E9C0.jpg
 photo E1768BDA-8B23-4548-8986-5DAC4964A653.jpg
 photo 634BE98B-B744-422C-A82A-B6187449D296.jpg
We never told the kids we were there because I don't think they would forgive us!
We left the next day to go to the Bahamas.  It was overall a nice trip but Jason got the stomach bug and was out of commission for the first day and a half.  
On our way to the first meal Jason ate... he still looks a little green
 photo 7A8D129D-E690-4656-B402-A38BB6701F46.jpg
Thankfully he felt almost normal for our last stop at the beach
 photo D41BA296-C9BA-467B-A8FB-04DFD1470067.jpg
 photo 28821AC1-03EA-4934-A45C-F3CC133D53AF.jpg
 photo 09328FF6-3AF4-4E47-BBCD-B8DD66677485.jpg
the final night
 photo 40967978-5C4D-4608-A2C1-2F6885176989.jpg

All in all we did have a good time but it was a bit rough.  We were happy to be home and we did miss the kids.

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