Friday, October 19, 2012

Time Flies....

The other night as I was leaving the grocery store parking lot.  There is a clock at the light and for some reason it was just flying through all of the numbers.  In the span of about 30 seconds it went from 10:00 to 9:00 and kept going.  Not that you really needed to know that but it just made me think of life.  I feel like time is flying that quickly.  I can't believe that it has been over a month since my last post.  There are just not enough hours in the day.  We are all busy but all good so I am not complaining.
The kids are in "Little Kickers" soccer and I am helping coach them.  I love it and most days they do too.  Here is Coach Tim with the kids.  They all look so small.  Their team color is hot pink... Bella was excited, Jack... well, not so much
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The other REALLY exciting thing is that the kids started Preschool this past week.  I was very unsure of how they would do and I was basically a nervous wreck.  Once again I didn't give the kids enough credit they did awesome.  They are doing really well.  It makes me tear up seeing how big they are getting and how well they are doing.
Here they are on their first day
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I think Bella was done with me taking pictures
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I am so proud!

The end of September Jason and I actually got away for 3 nights!  That is the longest we have been away since the kids have been born.  We went to Cape May.  
(For some reason the computer won't rotate this picture so you just have to turn your head)
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Speaking of me - I finally hit the 50 lb mark with Weight Watchers!   I still have more I want to lose but I am happy with how far I have come so far.  Here is a picture Bella took of me when we were out to dinner the other week.  Not the best but you get the idea - again just tilt your head - sorry!
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This past weekend we went camping - our last camping trip of the season.  Of course it happened to be the coldest day so far this Fall.  We had our nephew, Connor along with us
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It was Halloween weekend and the kids had a ball!
Here is Bella as a well bundled up Ballerina
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and Jack saying "ARGHHHHH" as a pirate
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I was surprised at how much candy the fellow campers were giving out.  The kids got way too much candy.  We headed back to our camper so we could give some out as well.  The problem was that most of the campers had already went past us so we did not have many trick or treaters - and that really was a problem for Jack.  He LOVED handing out candy.  He was in the roadway yelling to the campers, "Come eat my candy!"  He was hilarious and reminded me of Vanna White.  He would say, "Come pick what you would like, there is soooo much to choose from" and then he would wave his hand over the tray of candy like Vanna does with the letters.  When the people stopped coming we decided we would go to the campers and see if they would want some.  He did great.  He was so polite and people were just smitten by him.  He totally melted my heart that day.  
here he is on his walk back to the camper.
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We ended up walking over 20,000 steps that day - I was ready for bed that night!

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