Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birthday Recap.... (only 2 months late)

The kids LOVE getting things in the mail so they were so excited to get cards and gifts in the mail.
Bella wearing her Birthday crown she got from her Birthday card from Aunt Jil.  She wore that crown for days upon days.  (sorry again - for some reason I can not some of the pictures to turn, they are "locked".  I am sure there is a way to do it but then it would be another 2 months).
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Out of all of the gifts they got though they were the most excited for the ones from Grandmom.  She gave them the most amazing gifts.  It started out perfect because they each got their own big box in the mail (which is huge to them)
Jack just loved his "man" from the moment he saw it ( he still is banging the"nails" with the hammer :)   )
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Both of the kids love them
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Then of course the box got played with
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For their actual birthday the poor kids spiked really high fevers and has some sort of virus.  We had a big camping weekend planned and this is how we spent it
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By the end of their Birthday we were able to take them out for a little bit but nothing too exciting
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We had their birthday party the following weekend and thankfully they were better for that.  On the crummy side though was that a nasty storm came through and knocked power out two hours before their party.  Thankfully we got Jason's parents generator running and got some electricity about 15 minutes before the party started.  Just enough to have some lights and some water.   It did not phase the kids one bit though :)
It was a princess and pirate party and all Jack wanted was a "treasure chest cake" and Bella wanted pink cupcakes.  I was happy with the way they came out
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I got very few pictures with all the hustle and bustle but here is Jack as a Birthday Pirate
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