Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I can not believe that they are 19 1/2 months old....

We just took them to their 18 month well baby visit so they could get shots (I HATE when they have to get shots, it just breaks my heart). Mom came with me thankfully because there is no way I could do that by myself. We all survived, with a lot of tears shed, but the pediatrician just confirmed that I have two healthy kids :)
Jack is 24 lbs and 32 inches tall (he is in the 25% for weight and 50% for height.... and still in the high 90% for his head circumference)
Bella is 26 lbs and 33 inches tall ( she is in the 75% for weight and 80% for height)
She told me to fatten Jack up but other than that nothing exciting going on with him. Bella was given some cream for her eczema, poor thing has red welts on her legs, but they don't seem to bother her.
Just some quick pics as I have to run and clean .... good times here in the Druck home
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One other quick note.... Today is my 3rd Anniversary with Jason..... I can't believe that it has only been three years, we have grown so much in that time and have had so many good things happen... Happy Anniversary Jason! (You are one lucky lucky guy)

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