Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

We took the kids yesterday to get their pictures done for Easter. At home Jack is the whiney one and Bella is all about herself... she loves to look in the mirror and admire her beauty. Jack likes to be held and cry (there is more to him, he is an awesome boy, it just has been a rough week). So I was not looking forward to pictures because I figure I would have to jump around like a monkey to even get Jack to look at the camera.... boy was I wrong.
Everything is set up and we bring Bella in the room figuring we would get some good pictures of her before chaos in sued. Once she saw that there were a bunch of people looking at her she froze and cried.... how could I forget that she does not like being the center of attention? She did the same thing at her birthday party. Anyway, pick her up and we are going to try Jack... he sits down and smiles and revels in the fact that he has the attention of two ladies besides us and he just laughs and smiles
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My nephew Connor was along to get some pictures taken as well... so we would put them together to try for pictures... this was the ONLY one of the three of them we could get together...
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Arent' you glad you were not there?
So then we tried to get some of just Jack and Connor. I love this one of Jack and think it is so funny of Connor... I think I will show this to Connor's first girlfriend
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We then decided to go to the back room so there would not be so many people looking at Bella.... this is what happened
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We did end up with three decent pictures and these are the ones that we purchased....
My goodness, is Jack not cute??
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For the picture of Bella that we bought it is cropped but I think this one is kind of funny.... I am lying down and she is sitting on my belly playing with my cell phone
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and here is the one that I just had to get not only because it is the only one I have of the two of them together but because this IS my life. We had set up some blocks hoping that Bella would play with them. Well this was WAY too much for Jack the Destroyer to handle... he got loose and tackled the blocks. He made Bella cry which made him laugh.....
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Happy Easter everyone....
(Grandmom I will be sending some pictures out to you... we love you and miss you!!)

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  1. hahah... oh Sara, I am sorry it was not the wonderful experience you set out for it to be. Those picturs really do capture them in the moment though and that is the whole point of a photograph. Poor Bella.



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