Monday, May 19, 2014

My Grandmother is AMAZING

I know everyone says that but she seriously is.  On Palm Sunday the kids and I drove to NJ to go to her church and to a dedication in her honor.
 Isn't she beautiful?
 I have been blessed with the most wonderful Grandmothers.  When Bella was born I could not decide on who to name her after (middle name - we had already decided on Isabella for the first) so I made one up.  Her middle name is Elice ~ a combo of both of my Grandmothers' middle names Ruth Ellen and Miriam Alice ~ pronounced "Ellis".  If we had two boys the second boy would have had the middle name Allen - again a combo of their middle names Alice and Ellen.  I was covered either way :)

 We went to the Boardwalk afterward and saw the Easter Bunny

Grandmom then treated them to some games 

 These were the ones that you play until you win.  Best $5 - it took Bella probably about 30 tries to get it but she was so excited when she did

Bella's Haul

I think they were tired out!

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