Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Color Run!

My friend Katie and I decided to do The Color Run today.   It is considered to be the "happiest" 5K and I have to agree.  We went to Philly early in the morning (we left at 3:30 .... there were over 23,000 runners and we were afraid of the crowds).  It worked out great and we beat all the traffic.  
All you have to do is wear white.  Here is us before:
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There are 4 stops along the way where they "splash" you with color.  Basically they have volunteers throwing colored corn starch at you.  They start off nice at first.  You can't see the color on me here but you can see the big cloud of color that I just went through
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That was pink, then came blue
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Then yellow was the last color 
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You finish the 5k and then you go to the final area.  Each participant is given a pack of this color.  Every 15 minutes the next group of finishers stand around.  The DJ (they were playing music through out the event) then counted down and everyone began jumping and throwing their color in the air.  This is the one we walked up on
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and this was us after the race and our color toss!
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It was a crazy crazy fun day!  My hair is still pink and purple in place and my skin looks just as good.  I already can't wait until next year!

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