Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nope, it does not get easier....

Just different. For some reason I have had several people ask me over the past couple days if it is getting easier as Jack and Bella are getting older. I just kind of laugh. Sure they sleep through the night, don't require bottles, and can walk BUT they can walk (and get into EVERYTHING), they can feed themselves (but you would not imagine the mess they can make... they get a cup of yogurt most mornings and I still find yogurt splattered somewhere as the day goes on), they are able to start telling me what they want (at the top of their lungs if they don't get it NOW or the the tantrums that ensue if I don't understand whatever gibberish they are saying), they take one nap a day so it is easier to get out and do some things (I have braved the grocery store, the craft store, and Target alone with them.... but if they decide they don't want to do something Bella finds no problem with placing baby on the ground and laying her head on it, doesn't matter how dirty the floor.... ick, sends shivers down my spine.)
Having said all of that I wouldn't trade them for the world. We ventured out to dinner the other night, to a smaller family place and they did so well! An older couple even stopped by our table to tell us how well behaved they were.... I was BEAMING with pride for my GENIUS children (how them being well behaved equates with them being a genius I really don't know... but they are :)
Well I know none of you come here to hear me talk so here are some pictures of the kids:
Jack LOVES himself (he is kissing himself in a mirror)
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Jack can fall asleep anywhere (just like his Daddy)
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and if he can't sleep he will at least make himself comfortable (he brought a pillow and blanket out of the play room and sat them on the fridge and made himself at home)
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Did I mention that he is a genius ? Okay well not all the time
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Bella loves to read (and she is fancy with her "pearls")
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While Bella does like her "pearls" she is not afraid to get dirty (here she is with Jason and Mel "helping" them to plant the garden -she is the little white blob sitting in the middle.... this reminded me so much of Grandpop Newman and made me realize how much "Newman" is still in them)
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I tried to capture how dirty she was but couldn't capture the true dirtiness that was Bella
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Her hair was pulled up before she went out but the ponytail did not survive the planting
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So while I haven't talked to many of you in NJ in too long, it is not that I am not thinking of you, because I am, but I can not tell you how tired these two make me. They are the best way to spend the day

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