Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bella may love Jack but that doesn't mean he can kiss her....

Bella and Jack have been very "friendly" with each other. They will bring each other one their snack, a drink, even their favorite toy. They play with each other more and it is neat to see them growing together. Jack is a very affectionate boy... he gives hugs and kisses. Bella has given me a kiss a handful of times but that is it, actually she does give her baby kisses and hugs but she LOVES baby.
Well one day they were both playing around and they stopped and watched TV. Jack happened to be sitting on Bella:
(notice the destruction that happens when they play... toys EVERYWHERE)
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Jack leans down to give Bella a kiss:
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and well that was just the last straw... she threw him off
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and not only did she crawl away she hid under the table
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I was watching them and just laughing...
Bella really does love Jack, or at least she thinks he should be up when she is. Bella gets up earlier in the morning and from naps... she just needs less sleep than anyone in this house apparently. The thing is I end up chasing her away from their bedroom door because she pounds on it and yells "JACK"
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then looks all sad when I tell her to stop yelling for Jack
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Other than that, the kids are growing like weeds. They have loved being outside and swinging. We literally swing for 20-30 minutes a day and they will just relax, it even put Jack to sleep one morning.

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  1. Bella & Kendyll are from the same mold. :) K normally wakes up first and then starts screaming "Bennett, WAKE UP!! WAKE UP BENNETT". No wonder the poor dood has bags under his eyes most of the time.

    Adorable pictures, Sara! :)



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