Monday, October 12, 2009

So this has been my week.... ugh...

Once the babies started to crawl we babyproofed the whole house... ha ha....there was no way that they were going to be getting into everything and we can rest assure that they will be fine. Again the twins taught me that I can never plan for anything! Now Bella can crawl up on top of our fireplace and likes to play with the mesh thing....

We looked into buying a fire place gate thing and it was $220... of course, because everyone who has toddlers has $220 to spare! But Jason being the crafty man that he is made us a custom made one for $25!! It looks nice too!

We had put child locks on everything but Bella figured if you shake the door to the lazy susan you can get the door open. This is what I found one day after I took a whole 15 seconds to pee.... I know, I know, I am a Mom now, I don't get to pee!

So we hit Babies R Us this weekend and I think Jason has the door fixed that there is no way that she can get into it but we will see! The only issue that we are still having is the dog food and water. They like to take the food and put it in the water or just plain ole eat his food... so for now I just put it up on the counter and take it down when they are napping... poor Molson.
While we were at Babies R Us I think we spent the best $14.37 EVER... we bought a tunnel and they seem to love it and so far has provided them with a bunch of entertainment which = a much happier Mommy!!

Bella and her Baby...... Bella has a doll that she loves... she carries it with her everywhere. When she was crawling she would carry it in her mouth so that she could bring it with her. She hugs the baby, kisses the baby, she won't kiss Jason but she will kiss the baby! I am on a search to find a back up one because poor Baby gets so dirty that I wash it a couple times a week and it would be nice to have a back up... so far it is a bust, even Wal-mart doesn't have it... I thought Wal-mart had everything... but here is Bella & baby:

Now here are some of the cutest pictures EVER!!! We went to the pumpkin patch today with Jason's sister, Jen and our nephew Connor so it was much easier to get these pics!

I will try to post more often and I really really hope that the new baby proofing that we did helps because I really think I was about to go crazy!


  1. They might be little devils getting into everything, but they are oh sooo cute besides!

    Trish Hines

  2. They really are adorable. Their hats are the cutest.



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