Friday, September 12, 2014

Just plugging along...

School is kicking my butt - so much work but it is going well.  I am just trying to balance everything.  I have had two "clients" so far.  (We are suppose to use client instead of patient - it seems odd to me.)  Both have been so nice and wonderful to work with so I am lucky.  Since we can not actually do too much we are also answering call bells and I have been able to interact with several other clients - all in all it is interesting and I feel like I am learning a ton - although I can not seem to get enough sleep - coffee is my friend :)  
The kids are still loving school and get points each day for listening and doing their work.  The kids have earned all of their points since they started.  I am so proud of how respectful they are.  
Here are a couple pictures from this week.  Jack loves to be "Jack the Magician" and was trying some new tricks earlier this week."

 As Bella says, "you can never have too many stuffed animals".  She sleeps propped up on them.  She does love them :)
 Jason and Jack went to a Penn State game last weekend so Bella and I were on our own.  I told her I was going to go on the treadmill and she said she wanted to go with me.  So the second picture is of us that day on Saturday and then on Sunday when Jack was home the three of us went for a jog / walk.   I had my phone out so we could listen to music so I just snapped this picture.  They look SO old here!! 

 Bella starts back with ballet on Saturday and Jack will *hopefully* start basketball soon.  Sign ups are next week and we won't know until then the schedule.  
So nothing new and exciting but I like this - we are all happy - so I can not ask for anything more :)

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