Saturday, December 24, 2011

5 minutes....

Molson is doing well.  Poor pup still needs to be tranquilized daily as he would run and jump if we let him, even with the pills.  It is crazy the amount of energy this dog has so soon after the surgery.  I really thought he would have been laid up for a bit... nope, Molson is super dog and nothing stops him.  He was always very active and would just roam around outside for hours each day.  Now he has to be on a leash and can only go outside for potty breaks.  I has him out the other day and was gone for 5 minutes...
My kids found stickers.  This was under the dining room table (please don't mind the crumbs we had just finished snack and I don't have the neatest of children in my home)
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Jack's foot (again he dressed himself)
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The little girl I watch had them all in her hair, and she has a full head of beautiful hair.  You can see Jack has them on his back too
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Now I think they spent the majority of their time decorating Bella's back (there are about 50 stickers piled on top of each other)
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5 minutes to go and about 30 minutes to clean up
Every morning Jack comes out of his room and it takes him about 15 minutes because he has his "animals" that he has to carry with him.  We were cleaning up the toys after lunch one day and he lined up some of them
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he is very proud!

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