Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"I got a lot of stuff...."

Jack was walking around this morning with his backpack on and carrying another bag around.  He just kept repeating "I got a lot of stuff".  I think he was proud of all his belongings.
Here is my little bag man:
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Did you also guess that he not only chose what he was going to wear this morning but that he put it on himself?
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Was it the backward clothing, the rain boots, or the scooby hat that gave it away?
I think the glasses just finish off the outfit
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I asked Bella if I could take her picture and this was her reaction
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She jumped off of the climber.... guess she still does not like getting her picture taken.
She did come over and take a picture with me.  I told her to say "mommy"  (some one told me that if you tell the kids to say "mommy" instead of "cheese" they make a better face.  They are correct that it is better but they still look a bit awkward... see Jack's first picture).  Bella refused to say "mommy" and instead said "eye".... well at least she was looking at the camera
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oh and I am wearing a blanket around me because Bella insisted that I am "cold... brrrrr"

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