Monday, October 10, 2011


Both of the kids have been receiving Speech Therapy services for over year now.  Before they turned 3 they were in "Early Intervention" services and their therapist, Miss Carin, came to the house.  Now that they turned 3 they now go to a school and services are done there.  
We all miss Miss Carin.  When Molson would bark because someone pulled in (or the wind blew) the kids ran to the window and would try to look for Miss Carin because they were sure she was going to pull up.  
On Miss Carin's last day she brought the kids a present, a game called Elephun.  Air is shot up through his trunk and "butterflies" fly out and we use the nets to catch them.  The kids have a great time and do a great job of trying to name the colors of the butterflies they caught.
Here they are playing (the little girl I watch, Isabella was here that day too) 
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Jack then decided that he needed a bit of assistance and went on the step stool
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They don't often catch them so it is often a mad scramble at the end for them to pick them up and put them in their nets and show me all that they "caught".  Maybe they don't follow all of the rules.... that is okay, we all have fun!

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