Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I can sew :)

To most who read this blog this post might bore you but I just had to share this with my Grandmother. 
I took a sewing class on Sunday to make a "hipster bag".  I can sew the basics but just needed some help.  The class ended up being just me and the instructor so it was awesome to have that much assistance with questions.  The funny thing is as she was giving me pointers so many memories came back to me from spending the weekend with my Grandmother.  I had a plastic toy machine that I could pretend sew with when I was younger and when I got older I can remember just sewing lines in fabric.  I don't think I actually made anything though.  I think I was a better "helper".  I would cut the loose threads and things like that. I can remember her sewing room like the back of my hand...
Anyway.... it was just an overall neat experience (but I will say did make me a bit homesick and ready to come for a visit).  Here is the bag that I made.  Nothing too fancy but a great start
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  1. That is adorable! I love the fabric and the cute button.



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