Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Cupcakes... YAY YAY YAY"

Yesterday I had made cupcakes before the kids got up and figured they could ice and decorate their own later on.  Well I had them sitting up on the counter out of reach....
I was changing Jack's diaper and getting him dressed and was calling for Bella to come get dressed.  She did not respond.  I went to find her.  She was standing in front of the counter yelling "CUPCAKES YAY YAY YAY" and dancing throwing her arms up in the air.  She was SO proud of herself.   I tired to video tape it but by then the moment was over but it was honestly one of the most fun moments of being a mom so far.  Yes, she should not have eaten them but I also should have kept them out of reach.  She is getting so tall.  She was just so proud of herself and made up her own song and dance ... I love her!
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I took a picture of her this morning just because she looks so darn cute.  She wanted to wear her pink skirt and just twirled in it.  Keep in mind that Bella hates getting her picture taken so as soon as I grabbed the camera she slunked in the chair and fussed so you will just have to imagine her big smile
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I have a lot more to go over sometime soon... I went to Georgia the end of March and then we all went to go see "Princesses on Ice" and I have lots of pictures of each but just don't have the time.  I have been sick and finally after a week and a half I am almost back to normal... so there will be more to come soon :)

Love you Grandmom!!!

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