Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jack and his sign language....

Jack and Bella are both in Speech Therapy. They were a bit behind in talking and they qualified for services so so they began (they have been in Early Intervention services in the past and it has been wonderful). Jack was getting SO frustrated, he would want something but not be able to say it. Bella wasn't speaking much but she has been more laid back lately. So we started with the Speech Therapist and she suggested we work on sign language with them. Jack picked it up so quickly and was able to do "more" pretty quickly. He soon caught on to "cookie" "please" and "milk" (can you see where my boy's brain is??). Jack tends to modify the signs a bit but he is able to get his point across.
Here are some pictures from last month when Jack started signing
"Milk" (the sign is similar to moving your hands like you are milking a cow)
Well Jack turned it into pulling on his ears
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and then he gets milk... YAY!
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"Please" (it is similar to making a circular pattern around your chest/belly)
I LOVE when he signs please... he moves his hands up and down his belly and will flail his tongue around as well (it is better seen in person but I love it)
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When I ask Jack if he wants "one or two" of something he puts two fingers up and yells "twoooooooooo". (I don't think he really gets the concept of 2 being more than 1 but if he says two he does realize that he would get more snack)
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Now they still use signs some and they both are talking so much more. Jack has some sentences! Bella will use two words together but she will take longer I think. Jack is more of a people pleaser, he likes when you praise him. Don't get me wrong, Bella does too, but she is more content to just let it be. (except with macaroni and cheese lately... "more , more, more"
I was just about to post some pictures of Bella to be fair but my computer is acting funny and the kids are getting up... so that is that for today :)
Love you Grandmom!!!

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