Monday, October 25, 2010

Yes, I am alive :)

Just kidding... it seems like forever since I have updated the blog but I am sure you can understand that life has been a little crazy here lately. I am still not really going to write much. I am doing well. My back gets tired easily and I still have to rest but I am able to do everything that I was before and so far there has not been any of the pain that I had prior to the surgery **knock on wood**.
The kids are great, they are full swing into the terrible 2's. While they are so adorable their tantrums are enough to make me pull my hair out... it does get easier, right? Please say so.
A couple quick pictures and then I am going to rest :)
My mother gave Jack chocolate pudding with lunch one day... he LOVES it
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Bella got a pair of hand me down rain boots and both of the kids love them... .they wear them all the time. We need to get a pair for Jack
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We went pumpkin picking and here is Bella taking a break... she is such a big girl
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My two little "robots". They wear these robot hats all the time. Bella had hers on all morning and kept putting one on Jack because apparently he needed to wear it
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here we are this morning making some birthday cards for Jason (today is his birthday :) )
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I will update more soon... just wanted to let you all know that I am doing well and the kids are awesome!

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