Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"It won't be like this forever, I promise"

I have had a heck of a morning. I hear the kids so I go in and get them up. I get Bella up and she always runs out of the room. I get Jack up and change his diaper and let him loose and then go to do the same for Bella. Jack was taking forever this morning but I got him ready and came out to get Bella and I see her in a pool of maple syrup on the kitchen floor. ugh. I was so sick of eating egg whites this morning that I heated up some pancakes and I must not put the syrup out of reach.

This was what was left after I took her jammies off and cleaned her up
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She just went and read, all sweet and innocent
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I knew I wanted to mop my floor this morning.
Okay clean them up, clean the floor up, get them ready to go run errands. We make it to the post office and when we stop Jack throws up all over himself. Great. (he randomly gets car sick). okay, clean him up, the car seat up and roll the windows down. Load them up in the stroller and carry this big package I am mailing. I am pushing the stroller with one hand and almost dropped the package with the other. A woman in a mini-van stops and asks if I need help. I told her that I will be fine and thanked her. She then told me "It won't be like this forever, I promise. Somedays it may seem like that but it won't" and she smiled and drove off. She was what I needed. Good days and bad days, they won't be like this forever... I will not miss the temper tantrums but I will miss the hugs and sloppy kisses. I will not miss diapers but I will miss the cuddles and the excitement when they see me. I won't miss the fact that it takes 45 minutes to run into Target to pick up one item but I will miss how excited the kids get over such small things. It is such a crazy thing being a mother.

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