Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Again the talent astounds me...

My Grandmother completely and totally rocks... I mean she is literally the most talented person I know. She made Bella and Jack sweaters for Christmas and they look so cute in them!
Get ready to melt just a little because here is the cutest boy in the world
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I mean I know I am biased because he is my son but come on... is he not super cute???
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Bella was NOT in the mood to model that day and just wanted to leave... I forget where we were going, probably to the grocery store or Target, you know something glamourous ....
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Here is the best I have from Bella that day...
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Nothing else new really going on here. The two little girls that I babysit for have the nasty stomach bug so they haven't been here for a week. Just as Jack and Bella were getting use to having friends here. They were having a rough go of it the first day or two then they really enjoyed having them here. I am sure when they come back on Thursday we will be back at square one. Oh well.
Jason and I have been doing really well with getting our butts to the gym. I took 2nd place in the Biggest Loser competition last week, so I was happy about that.

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